Frank Schott CBE Memorial Scholarship

About Francis (Frank) H. Schott, PhD, CBE (1926 - 2020)

A Holocaust survivor, Frank dedicated his life to making a difference.  He was a stalwart supporter of NABE and The NABE Foundation. He served as NABE president from 1977-78 and as a member of the NABE Finance Committee and the Business Economics editorial board for many years.  Frank was a founding director of the NABE Foundation in 2004 and continued to serve actively while director emeritus beginning in 2013.  He was designated a NABE Fellow in 1978, and his lifetime commitment to the association was recognized in 2005 when he became one of only four individuals to receive the David L. Williams Lifetime Achievement Award.

Frank's presidential address in 1978 was a call to action for continuing education in the business economics profession, paving the way for NABE's Certified Business Economist program, which he had a hand in designing. His work as a lifelong member of The NABE Foundation cemented our efforts to fund scholarships for professionals who need financial support to pursue their passion. Ever the professional, Frank led us to expand our CBE program to stay focused on our education mission. Frank was also part of the scholarship review committee at The NABE Foundation, reading every single essay submitted. 

About the Scholarship Award

The Frank Schott CBE Memorial Scholarship recipient will receive a full scholarship to one offering of each CBE course as well as a full scholarship to sit for the CBE Exam. Coursework and the exam must be completed within a two-year period.  The scholarship does not cover travel costs or other expenses associated with attending courses and the exam. Any additional costs incurred over the course of preparing for the exam or attending classes are at recipient’s expense.

What Is Awarded


Application Process

An application is required, as well as a letter of support and an applicant statement (at least 100-150 words). The selection committee will interview finalists via Zoom before making a final selection.


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Candidates must have completed a four-year degree from an accredited university. An economics degree is preferred.

  2. The ideal candidate is in the early stages of her/his career with a minimum of one year of work experience in a position utilizing applied economics or tools OR currently enrolled in a master’s program with some relevant work experience.

  3. The application requires an employer letter of support (or adviser letter of support if you are a student enrolled in a master’s program). The letter of support should include:
    • Willingness to provide time off to attend classes
    • Travel support for airfare, hotels, and food and beverage related expenses

  4. Candidate application letter that answers the following in at least 100-150 words:
    • How do you believe earning the CBE will help you achieve your goals?
    • Tell us about your path to this point and your career goals for the next five years.
    • What is your planned timetable for completing the requirements and earning your CBE?
    • If your employer does not provide support for travel, will you be able to attend the classes?

NOTE: You may want to compile the letter of support and candidate letter first before moving forward. 

2024 application process now closed - 2025 application process will open in December 2024.