NABE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative


NABE Scholars Program                  

Launched in June 2020, the NABE Scholars program expands on current NABE Foundation scholarship programs by providing scholarships to NABE conferences to diverse early-career economists and students pursuing a career in applied economics.

Meet the 2023-24 Class of NABE Scholars

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2022-23 Class of NABE Scholars
2021-22 Class of NABE Scholars
2020 Class of NABE Scholars

NABE Press Release on 2023-24 Scholars (7/13/2023)
NABE Press Release on 2022-23 Scholars (7/15/2022)
NABE Press Release on 2021-22 Scholars (5/20/2021)
NABE Press Release on Scholars Program (6/25/2020)


Part 1: Perspectives on Economics Careers and the Pipeline (View replay)
March 8, 2023

Part 2: Research Topics in Gender Economics (View replay)
March 15, 2023



Part 1: Perspectives on Economics Careers and the Pipeline (View replay)
February 9, 2023

Part 2: Racial Disparities in the U.S. Economy (View replay)
February 16, 2023

Part 3: A Conversation with Daryl Fairweather (View replay)
February 22, 2023

Diversity/Inclusion Resources: 

Federal Reserve System's Racism and the Economy webinar series
CBE Careers in Economics webinar series

Past NABE webinars:


Financing Growth of Women & Minority-Owned Businesses
April 20, 2021
Nancy Cappola, Real Estate and Economic Development Consultant 
Adji Fatou Diagne, PhD, Economist, U.S. Census Bureau
Ayris T. Scales, CEO & Managing Director, Walker’s Legacy & Walker’s Legacy Foundation
Moderator: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, CBE, Senior Resident Fellow, Third Way; former NABE President 



Race, Mobility, and Fairness in the US Economy 
June 30, 2020
Speakers: Raphael Bostic, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Darrick Hamilton, Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, and Professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University
Neel Kashkari, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 
Marie Mora, Professor and Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Moderator: Nela Richardson, Principal and Investment Strategist, Edward Jones 



Healthcare Inequality in the U.S. 
June 22, 2020
Speaker: Gary Puckrein, President and CEO, National Minority Quality Forum 
Moderator: Jen Kilgore Coriell, President, EconConcierge, Inc


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 
June 1, 2020
Speaker: Katherine Baldiga Coffman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School 
Moderator: Sarah O'Brien, Head of Global Insights, LinkedIn

Past NABE conference sessions

2023 NABE Economic Policy Conference (March 29, 2023)
Discrimination in Housing: Past, Present, and FutureAudio Recording   Jonathan Rose, Historian, Federal Reserve System Vanessa Perry, Professor of Marketing, Strategic Management and Public Policy, George Washington University School of Business Moderator: Jessica Dill, Director and District Transition Coordinator for FRFS Transition, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

2022 NABE Tech Economics Conference (November 8, 2022)
Discrimination and Fairness Testing in Tech Audio Replay
Jacob Appel, Chief Strategist, ORCAA
Bennett Borden, Partner, Faegre Drinker
Elizaveta Pronkina, Postdoctoral Researcher, Université Paris Dauphine - PSL | Slides
Yinyin Yu, Applied Research Manager, Experimentation and Causal Inference, LinkedIn | Slides
Moderator/Presenter: Dan Svirsky, Data Scientist (Legal Regulatory), Uber

2022 NABE Annual Meeting (October 9, 2022)
Implications of Economic Shocks for Inequality and Mobility | Audio Replay
Kristen Broady, Director, Economic Mobility Project, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago | Slides
Ryan Luby, Senior Expert and Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company | Slides
Moderator: Julia Coronado, NABE Vice President; Founder and President, MacroPolicy Perspectives LLC

2022 NABE Economic Policy Conference (March 22, 2022)
Policies to Ensure Inclusive Growth and Reduced Inequality
Petra Hansson, Economic Counselor, Embassy of Sweden 
Anu Madgavkar, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
William E. Spriggs, Chief Economist, AFL-CIO; Professor of Economics, Howard University
Moderator: Mark Palim, Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist, Fannie Mae

2022 NABE Economic Policy Conference (March 22, 2022)
Measuring Race in US Economic Statistics: What Do We Know?Audio
John Abowd, Associate Director for Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist, U.S. Census Bureau | Slides
Camille Busette, Director of Race, Prosperity, and Inclusion Initiative, Brookings Institution
Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Race and Ethnicity Research, Pew Research Center
Moderator: Sonya Waddell, Vice President and Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2021 NABE Tech Economics Conference (November 8, 2021)
Diversity in Tech and Econ    
Amanda Bayer, Franklin and Betty Barr Professor of Economics, Department Chair, Swarthmore College
Moderator: Benjamin Leyden, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Business Economics, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

2021 NABE Annual Meeting (September 27, 2021)
Achieving Better D&I Outcomes: The Role of Data in Driving Change 
Theresa Parlato, Managing Director, HR Relationship Manager, Wellington Management
Tonya Robinson, Vice Chair and General Counsel – Legal, Regulatory and Compliance, KPMG
Moderator: LaVaughn Henry, CBE, Banking and Regulatory Policy Analyst, FDIC; Chair, The NABE Foundation


History of the Initiative

The NABE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and Committee were formed in May 2019, with the charges to:

1. Explore the current state of diversity and inclusion within NABE and member workplaces.

2. Suggest best practices to the NABE Board for NABE operations (conference planning, nominating committee, etc.).

3. Suggest tactics to the NABE Board for broadening and diversifying the business economist candidate pipeline.

4. Suggest tactics to the NABE Board to measure NABE’s progress going forward.

Questions? Ideas?  Contact [email protected].