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Take the online Certificate in Economic Measurement Program:

The NABE Foundation's Certificate in Economic Measurement program is designed to strengthen your knowledge of economic statistics and analytical techniques, enhancing your ability to add value in your workplace. This program is ideal for data users of all experience levels - from recent graduates seeking to complement their academic training to seasoned professionals looking to brush up.

Specifically, those who earn The NABE Foundation's Certificate in Economic Measurement will gain:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the major measures of U.S. economic performance including employment, inflation, GDP, and home prices
  • Insight into how economic statistics are collected and compiled by Federal agencies and private sector data providers
  • A familiarity with analytical techniques employed by top practitioners to evaluate economic data.

More information on the online Certificate in Economic Measurement program


Or, use these Self Study Resources:




“Economic News Release: Employment Situation Frequently Asked Questions,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“Monthly Employment Situation Report: Quick Guide to Methods and Measurement Issues,” Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Current Employment Statistics: Frequently Asked Questions,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“Local Area Unemployment Statistics: Frequently Asked Questions, “ Bureau of Labor Statistics,


National Income and Product Accounts (NIPAs)


“Guide to National Income and Product Accounts of the United States”, Bureau of Economic Analysis,

“The NIPAs and the System of National Accounts” by Charles Ian Mead, Karin E. Moses, and Brent R. Moulton. Survey of Current Business, Bureau of Economic Analysis, December 2004.

“Measuring the Economy: A Primer on GDP and the National Income and Product Accounts” Bureau of Economic Analysis, September 2007,

“A Guide to the Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts” by Takashi Yamashita. BEA Briefing, April 2013.

“A Primer on BEA’s Industry Accounts” by Mary L. Streitwieser. BEA Briefing, June 2009.


Financial Accounts


Financial Accounts of the United States Flow of Funds, Balance Sheets, and Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts. See the most recent quarterly release at

“The U.S. Flow of Funds Accounts  and Their Uses” by Albert M. Teplin. Federal Reserve Bulletin 2001.


International Accounts


U.S. International Economic Accounts: Concepts and Methods, Bureau of Economic Analysis,  June 2014., June 2014.

“A Guide to the U.S. International Transactions Accounts and the U.S. International Investment Position Accounts” by Christopher L. Bach. BEA Briefing, February 2010.

“U.S. International Transactions.” See recent releases at




“Consumer Price Index: Frequently Asked Questions,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“CPI Methodology,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“The Consumer Price Index,” in BLS Handbook of Methods. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“Experimental CPI for Americans 62 Years of Age and Older”, Bureau of Labor Statistics,



“Labor Productivity and Costs: Frequently Asked Questions,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,

“Technical Information About the BLS Multifactor Productivity Measures,” Bureau of Labor Statistics,