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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CBE?

The CBE is a symbol of distinction that business economists and analysts may earn by meeting a prescribed level of achievement. It documents your professional accomplishments, experience, and abilities. 

Why should I earn the CBE?

The CBE is a symbol of distinction which demonstrates your mastery of the body of knowledge critical for a successful career in the field. Earning and maintaining your CBE enhances your ability to stay current and competitive, improves your on-the-job performance, documents your standing as a leader in the profession, and ensures that your professional achievements and growth are formally recognized.

What does the CBE mean to employers?  

To an employer, your CBE confirms your competency in the field and your dedication to updating and enhancing your skills throughout your career. In pledging to uphold the NABE Code of Ethics, you commit to the highest standards of professional excellence.  CBE’s are trusted by employers to deploy their skills, tools, and experience to bring clarity to decision-making processes, enhancing outcomes for their organizations.  The CBE is verification that you have the skills, knowledge, ethics, and dedication to deliver value in the workplace. 

Do I need to take all of the courses to earn the CBE?

Candidates are not required to take the following courses; Applied Econometrics, Business Applications of Statistics and Data Analytics, Economic Measurement Seminar, or Economics of Strategy and Managerial Decision Making. Candidates are required to take Communication and Presentation Skills for Business Economists and Analysts and Writing Skills for Business Economists and Analysts, or an equivalent course.   

Do I have to take the two required courses (Communication and Presentation Skills for Business Economists and Analysts and Writing Skills for Business Economists and Analysts) before I take the CBE Exam?

You can take the exam first, the certification (CBE) will be awarded after all of the requirements are completed.   

What are some of the "courses deemed equivalent" for the two required courses for the certification requirement?

Candidates can submit a course from a continuing education organization such as NABE. Some companies may offer this type of training “in-house.” The candidate must show evidence of attending including date, location of training, and topics covered in the course. Evidence can be in the form of a certificate, letter from a supervisor, or the provider. Please note, undergraduate coursework will not qualify.   

Where can I find the content outlines and sample test questions for the exam?

The exam is currently in development. The detailed content outlines and sample test questions are now available.

Who should earn the CBE?

Anyone who practices economics is eligible to earn the CBE. Candidates must have two years of work experience in applied business economics or in a related field. Practitioners employed in the public, private, nonprofit and academic fields are encouraged to earn the certification.   

I am a member of my local chapter. Does that meet the NABE membership requirement?

The National Association for Business Economics (NABE) and its chapters are separate entities with independent membership policies; in other words, a membership in one organization does not include membership in the other. As such, all candidates will be required to have a membership with NABE in order to earn and maintain the CBE.



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