NABE offers members an opportunity to join special interest groups called Roundtables. There is no limit to the number of Roundtables to which a NABE member may belong. Explore the Roundtables by following the links below, and then sign up for your roundtable when you join or renew your membership.


Climate Change Economics & Finance Roundtable 

Data / Statistics Roundtable 

Diversity Roundtable 

Energy Roundtable 

Financial Roundtable

Health Economics Roundtable

International Roundtable

Manufacturing/Industry Roundtable

Policy Roundtable 

Real Estate/Construction Roundtable 

Regional/Utility Roundtable

Small Business/Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Tech Economics Roundtable 

Transfer Pricing Roundtable 

Transportation Roundtable  

University Partners 





Is your university interested in partnering with NABE on the CBE program?  There are many benefits to partnering with NABE to incorporate the CBE curriculum into university programs. More information