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NABE members have formed dozens of local and student chapters across the US. Please see below for the complete list. Just like the national organization, NABE Chapters are comprised of those who use business economics in their work and seek to network with others in the field.

No chapter near you? NABE can help you form your own chapter, and below are some steps for getting started. Please contact NABE if you need any further resources. 

Chapters by State





Alabama Economics Club
President: Clara Prevo
[email protected]


Arizona Economic Roundtable 
Chartered March 28, 1972 
President: Kent Ennis
Arizona Economic Roundtable 

[email protected]


University of Arkansas
Economics Forum: NABE Chapter
(Student Chapter)
President: Shannon Morneault
[email protected]



Los Angeles Chapter, NABE
Chartered October 18, 1968
President: Tyler Laferriere, LAEDC

[email protected]

Sacramento Economic Roundtable
Chartered September 26, 1984
President: Andrew King

[email protected]


San Francisco Chapter, NABE
Chartered September 26, 1966
President: Asim Khan

[email protected]


University of California, Irvine Student Chapter
Chartered May 20, 2009
President: Kerry Dang

[email protected] 


Denver Association of Business Economists
Chartered May 3, 1968
President: Timothy Wonhof

[email protected]

District of Columbia

National Economists Club
Chartered 1968
President: Desiree Maruca [email protected]



Economic Roundtable of Jacksonville
Chartered October 7, 1975
President: Daniel R. Gilham
Financial Advisor and PIM Portfolio Manager
The Forbes & Thompson Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC 
[email protected] 


Florida State University
Club Advisor: Simona Andrei
[email protected]



Atlanta Economics Club
Chartered June 12, 1972
President: Ibrahiim Bayaan, CBRE

[email protected]


Georgia Tech Econ Club  

Benjamin Harrison (Student President) 

[email protected]

Aselia Urmanbetova (Faculty Advisor)

[email protected]


Georgia State University Student Chapter 

 President: Zoraish Virani

[email protected]                                                                                                                            



Honolulu Association for Business Economics
Chartered September 16, 1972
President: Lesley Gabrielle Harvey

[email protected]



Chicago Association for Business Economics
Chartered June 21, 1968
President: Greg Mycio

[email protected]



Grambling State University 
President: Regine Prospere
GSU Economics & Finance Club

[email protected]


New Orleans Regional Council for Business Economics
Chartered November 8, 1972
President: Brandon Bergeron
 [email protected]


NABE Boston
President: Juhi Dhawan 
Senior Managing Director, Global Macroanalyst Wellington Management 

Brandeis University Student Chapter
President: Ayswarya Salil
[email protected]


Detroit Association for Business Economics
Chartered September 29, 1966
President: Paul Traub


Economic Club of Michiana 
Chartered October 10, 1979
President: Ilene Sheffer 


University of St. Thomas Student Chapter
President: Justin Hollis
[email protected]


St. Louis Gateway Chapter, NABE
Chartered June 12, 1972
President: Bill Emmons
St. Louis Federal Reserve

[email protected] 


University of Missouri at St. Louis Student Chapter
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Scheid

[email protected]



Economic Club of Las Vegas
President: Ken Heck
[email protected]
702-823-3350 (phone)
888-844-2676 (fax)


New York

New York Association for Business Economics
Chartered November 17, 1970
President: Robert Rosener 

[email protected]

North Carolina

Charlotte Economic Club
Chapter Administrator: Anna Chandler
[email protected]

Appalachian State University Student Chapter
Club chair: Dave McEvoy
[email protected]

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Sarbaum
[email protected]

University of North Carolina at Wilmington Student Chapter
Justin Barnes
[email protected]


The Boler Economics Society, John Carroll University
Faculty Advisor:  Evan Welsh
[email protected]


Central Ohio Association for Business Economics 
President: Ben Ayers
Nationwide Economics

[email protected]


The Cincinnati Economics Organization 

 President: Dustin Lester

[email protected]


University of Cincinnati Student Chapter
President: Svetlana Galvez-Stojsavlkevic

[email protected]

Cleveland Association for Business Economics
Chartered December 11, 1962
President: Candice Ensinger
Parker Hannifin

Weatherhead Economics Society, Case Western Reserve University
President: Claire Jeffress



Oklahoma Association for Business Economics
Chartered September 16, 1980
Russell Evans
[email protected]



Portland Chapter, NABE
Beau Whitney
[email protected]


Philadelphia Council for Business Economics
Chartered September 30, 1965
President: Michael Weiss 
[email protected]

Economic Club of Pittsburgh
Chartered September 18, 1972
President: Risa Kumazawa 
[email protected]

Temple University Student Chapter
Faculty adviser: Donald Wargo
[email protected]



Mid-South Association for Business Economics
President: David J. Ottum
Division of Insurance and Research
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
[email protected]

Economics and Finance Society of Tennessee State University
Andre D. Moore
[email protected]



DFW Association for Business Economics 
Chartered March 8, 1965
President: Daniel Sanabria
[email protected]

The Houston Economics Club 
Chartered November 13, 1967
President: Jordan Frisby
[email protected]

Rio Grande Economics Association
President: Marycruz De Leon
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, El Paso Branch


San Antonio Business and Economics Society
Chartered February 22, 1994
President: Belinda Roman
[email protected]


University of Texas at Arlington Student Chapter
President: Tara Brown
[email protected]

University of Texas at San Antonio Student Chapter
President: Jose Camacho
[email protected] 
Faculty Adviser: Kenneth Weiher
[email protected]

Texas A&M Economics Society (Student Chapter)
President: Sofia Navarrete 


The Economic Club of Utah 

Mark Knold

Senior Economist, Department of Workforce Services 

m[email protected]


Richmond Association for Business Economics
Chartered September 25, 1981
President: Mike Eisenman
[email protected]

Virginia Commonwealth University Student Chapter
President: Kai Amado
[email protected]
Faculty Advisor: Leslie Stratton
[email protected]


Seattle Economics Council 
Chartered January 15, 1968
President: Samrat Bhattacharya
[email protected]



7 Steps to Founding a New NABE Chapter:

1) Contact NABE for a contact list of active NABE Members in your area to identify possible officers and members.

2) Identify a venue or host for Chapter Meetings. Most NABE Chapters meet over lunch either weekly, monthly or quarterly.

3) Identify a speaker for the inaugural Chapter Meeting (see the NABE Speakers Bureau).

4) Contact NABE to post the event on the NABE Chapter Events page.

5) Draft Chapter Bylaws, select officers, set regular meeting schedule. View sample bylaws

6) Write a formal letter to the NABE Board of Directors requesting official chapter status.

7) The Board will vote at the next meeting, and you will be notified of the decision.

Starting and Running NABE Student Chapters

A group of students at a college or university with an interest in business economics may form a NABE Student Chapter. The following links provide more information on forming and running a student chapter.

Sample Bylaws
(Adobe PDF File)

Affiliate Organizations

NABE has an affiliate relationship with the National Bureau of Economic Research. A NABE representative sits on the NBER board. In addition, the NBER conducts a session at the NABE Annual Meeting.

NABE has an affiliation with AUBER, the Association for University Business and Economic Research. AUBER and NABE jointly host the Economic Policy Conference.

NABE is also a member of the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics. NABE Past President Maurine Haver and Robert Parker represent NABE on the COPAFS board.

International Affiliates

NABE is a member of IFABE, a federation of international business economics organizations. Here are sites from some of our IFABE sister organizations.

Canadian Association of Business Economists

Society of Professional Economists, UK

Asociacion Argentina de Economia Politica

Association Francaise des Economistes d'Entreprise

Australian Business Economists