Webinar Replay: 2023-24 Outlook for Economics Job Market

Webinar Replay: Outlook for the Economics Job Market in 2023-24
Original Broadcast: July 10, 2023


Jeff Ferris, Senior Manager and Economist, Amazon

Shilpi Mukherjee, Senior Economist, Keystone Strategy

Gustavo Suarez, Assistant Director, Division of Research and Statistics, Federal Reserve Board

Shalyce Tyson, Human Resources Specialist and Recruitment Coordinator, U.S. Census Bureau

Moderator: Emma Zetterdahl, Senior Manager, Economics Research, Spotify Advertising

How should newly minted PhD economists feel about their job prospects in 2023-24? Will there be more industry and government jobs available relative to academic-track jobs?  How will economic conditions affect hiring for industry and tech-sector jobs? What are the roles and responsibilities of new economists in various sectors? What technical skills and other tools are most desirable from the perspective of employers?

If you're seeking a job in economics this year, prepare your questions for our panel and find out what awaits both new and experienced economists seeking opportunities in industry, academia, and government. Join us to get a complete picture of the economics job market in 2023 and beyond.

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