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Organized around the theme of "Global Reset? Economics, Business, and Policy in the Pandemic," the 62nd NABE Annual Meeting will focus on evaluating how COVID-19 is changing how and where humans live, work, and play, as well as the long-run implications of these shifts on global finance and trade, income equality and mobility, healthcare and education, A.I. and the future of work, fiscal and monetary policy, and other key topics.


 Athey      Bair     Eichenbaum     Evans
 Goolsbee      Guerrieri      Kohn      Kuroda
 Liang     Myerson      Powell      Taylor 

While the 62nd NABE Annual Meeting will not happen in the usual way, this is a moment in which global business and policy leaders need to hear from economists and economists need to hear from one another, and so the show must go on. The conference will convene on NABE's digital event platform, which will allow attendees to access the event seamlessly from anywhere with a solid internet connection.

The virtual conference will deliver all of the features of a NABE meeting:
  - Outstanding lineup of keynote speakers from economics, business, and policy
  - Deep-dive sector breakout sessions
  - Networking opportunities

Plus!  NABE's digital event platform will allow you to:

  - Join topic-oriented Mini-MeetUps
  - Dissect and discuss Chairman Powell's address in post-plenary small groups
  - Take a chance and see who you meet with Networking Roulette!
  - Message and meet other attendees virtually throughout the meeting
  - Form your own group at any time to meet for coffee, cocktails or conversation 

There has perhaps been no time in history when economic analysis has been more valuable, even as economic models are stressed by rapid cyclical and structural change. Since the onset of COVID-19, economists have met this challenge by uncovering and activating new data sources and fully engaging in real-time scenario analysis to better understand the dynamics of a global pandemic that took hold amid an underlying push toward deglobalization. While economics is not epidemiology, the tools and insights of economists can inform prudent strategies for navigating a return to health and prosperity -- for people, for businesses, and for nations.  

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Individuals who have earned the Certified Business Economist┬« (CBE) Certification are required to earn 30 continuing education credit hours every two years. The NABE Annual Meeting qualifies for 15 continuing education credit hours. Please track your hours separately to be reported to NABE at the time of your renewal. CBEs are encouraged to track their  credit hours on the CBE Continuing Education Form, which can be downloaded from www.NABE.com/CBE.

Members of other certification programs can apply for continuing education credit for this event with an earned certificate of attendance, which can be made available upon request.

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