Networking and Professional Development

Networking and professional development are important components of any successful career journey. NABE conferences and seminars offer opportunities to both learn and expand your contacts, and getting involved with a NABE Chapter is a great way to grow your local professional network.

Economists need many technical skills to succeed, but time and time again, hiring managers and top economists tell us that communication skills are the #1 thing that will help you to be promoted in the field.

“Economics exists on three levels: graphs, math, and the third level, which is the trickiest level, is the economics of words.
At the end of the day, what we’re doing in a business environment is talking about economic concepts to non-economists.
You’ve got to be able to use everyday language to explain those concepts. So it’s really important for an economist to have strong intuition and to be able to explain that.”

- Jay Bryson, Managing Director and Chief Economist, Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Bank

NABE's certificate courses and the Certified Business Economist® (CBE) program, the certification in applied economics and data analytics, help you demonstrate your commitment to continuing education to employers and advance in your career by staying up to date on technical skills, as well as honing soft skills like communication. You can even earn your degree AND your CBE at one of our CBE University Partners

The NABE Foundation provides numerous scholarships for courses and conferences, as well as the NABE Scholars program, an initiative committed to making the economics profession more diverse and inclusive.