Internship Opportunities

A great way to gain practical experience outside of your academic training is through an economics internship, which many organizations offer, from Federal Reserve Banks to consulting firms to tech companies, and more! Internships can also provide an opportunity to learn more about your interests, start building a professional network, and find a mentor to help guide you in your career. 

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  "My curiosity and experience intersect in figuring out how to apply economics and data-driven solutions to complex real-
   world problems. While pursuing my undergraduate Math/Economics degree at Northeastern University, I had the 
   opportunity to work at J-PAL as a Policy and Research Intern where I first learned how rigorous economics research 
   could be used to evaluate the impact of social programs, thereby allowing leaders to make better informed decisions 
   for their communities. Since graduating, I have continued to work in the data-driven policymaking space at the Federal
   Reserve Bank of Dallas as an Outreach Analyst, where I gather and analyze real-time anecdotal evidence to map 
   current economic trends in the western Texas and southern New Mexico region."

    --  Anjali Nair, Outreach Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; 2022-23 NABE Scholar

Click below to find out more about economics internships at the following organizations:

Corn Refiners Association (CRA)
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 
Federal Reserve Board of Governors ( for research assistant positions within the Federal Reserve System)
Wells Fargo 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

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Does your organization offer internship opportunities and want to be added to this list? Contact Kristen McLauchlin, NABE Member Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, at [email protected]

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