CBE Success Stories

The Certified Business Economist® (CBE) program, the certification in applied economics and data analytics, was designed by leading economists to bridge the gap between what is learned in an academic setting and the knowledge needed to succeed as a practitioner. To an employer, the CBE validates your competency, your ambition to advance within your profession, and your commitment to refreshing your skills and knowledge throughout your career.

Hear from some of our graduates about how the CBE program and courses have helped in their careers:
      “NABE's education courses are invaluable. You will learn the nuts and bolts of a specific subject; that is, you will learn the science of economics. However, much of economics is an art, especially in employing econometric models. The instructors are experienced enough to shed light on the art form applied to various problems and scenarios. It reminds you that there is never a 'one model fits all' situation. There are tradeoffs to consider carefully in economic analysis and sound judgment is needed to        employ the best of the worst solutions at times.

“I have a Ph.D. degree in economics, but I think the CBE certification demonstrates how seriously I take my career as a business- and industry-focused economist and advisor."

Faisal Awwal, CBE
Senior Associate, Transfer Pricing Economist, PwC

“The writing and presentation skills courses gave me several tools that I could apply right away in my career to become a more effective communicator. The courses were particularly valuable because they focused on developing and practicing with actual content from our day-to-day work, so it was easy to see the applicability of the concepts taught.”

“I see the CBE certification as a way to demonstrate my economic knowledge across a broad array of topics with real-world, business-focused applications and as a signal of my competency in business economics, verified by a well-known and respected group of economists.”

Matthew Bush, CBE
Managing Director, Macroeconomic and Investment Research, Guggenheim Partners
“I received my Master’s in Economics in the Philippines, but I decided to earn my CBE because I knew it would demonstrate that I had the same core knowledge and competencies as someone who had received their degree in the U.S.”

“As a non-native English speaker, the Writing and Presentation Skills courses really benefited me. I feel confident now in not only producing economic data, but also presenting it.”

Scholastica (Gay) Cororaton, CBE
Chief Economist, Miami Association of REALTORS® 
“Earning the CBE has been highly applicable to my work and helped me to understand my role in my organization even more. Senior management and peers within my industry are genuinely impressed with my CBE designation.”

“NABE’s course content as part of the CBE program was highly relevant, and I could readily apply what I learned to my work as an economic analyst. The courses help you to utilize all the academic theory in a business context.”

Jordan Frisby, CBE
Planning and Economic Program Manager, Port of Houston Authority

“I am always seeking out new challenges and new ways to distinguish myself. As someone with a Master’s in Economics, but not a Ph.D., the CBE seemed like a perfect way to emphasize my qualifications and capabilities to the broader community of economists.”

“The sheer breadth and depth of the subject matter of the exam was impressive.
I think the CBE certification and the rigorous CBE exam validate my skills and experiences both to myself and to employers.”

Edward Garnett, CBE
Chief for International Deposit Insurance Policy and Support, FDIC


"The job field in New York is so crowded, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish yourself from hundreds of other applicants. The CBE certification helps me stand out to employers and provides continued learning in the field. The classes that came along with attaining the certification taught me skills that I genuinely use day to day at the office."

Jenny Grimberg, CBE
Vice President and Executive Director, Global Macro Research, Goldman Sachs
“I always thought there should be a certification for economists. When I saw that NABE was launching the CBE program, I knew I wanted to take part. Econometrics and other economic concepts are utilized for numerous models across a bank. Understanding core concepts covered in the CBE is crucial."

“The CBE program is a great networking opportunity and really helps in building relationships with other business economists at all steps on the career ladder.” 

Jason Kunkel, CBE, Data Science and Analytics Governance Director, TransUnion

"If it wasn’t for the practical skills that I gained from CBE training, I would not have the confidence that I have to accomplish my tasks. Additionally, I have a supportive community that I can reach out to with very specific questions that relate to my work. It is in this continued support and ongoing training that I am able to do my job well and continue to strive for success."

Yelena Maleyev, CBE, Senior Economist, KPMG
"I decided to pursue the CBE certification to signal to my employers, colleagues, and clients of our firm a verified level of competence in applied economic analysis. In addition, I see the CBE community as a great network of individuals."

"NABE's writing and presentation skills courses have had a tremendous impact on the writing and speaking requirements of my job.  I feel I am much more effective in communicating complex economic ideas in a concise manner as a result of taking them."

Preston May, CBE
Portfolio Manager, Donaldson Capital Management
"I had heard about the CBE program at a few NABE events that I attended, and it seemed like something that would be a good fit for me, but it was when I started looking for some professional development courses around public speaking that I decided that the CBE program was perfect for me. The presentation and writing skills courses, which are core requirements for the certification, were exactly what I was looking for because they were specifically designed for the types of presentations I would be giving."

Joseph Mengedoth, CBE
Regional Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

“The NABE certificate course in Communication and Presentation Skills for Business Economists and Analysts solidified best practice presentation techniques and made me a more confident presenter. Since taking the course, I have been able to take on more responsibilities at work and speak more on the client-facing side.” 

“The CBE designation shows that I have the skill set needed to be a business economics practitioner and puts me in the ranks with well-established economists.” 

Kathleen Navin, CBE
Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



"After graduating from John Hopkins SAIS with my master’s degree in international economics and finance, I would like to continue analyzing current macroeconomic issues wherever the best opportunity presents itself. I started interning recently with the research arm of a global macro investment fund, and I’ve found the CBE training has translated just as well in the private sector as it did at the Federal Reserve. 

"The applied econometrics training has helped me better understand the research work done by Ph.D. economists, while the in-depth knowledge I gained into how the economic data are compiled provides me with a unique and valuable information set of my own. Global macroeconomic issues change very quickly, but the CBE program provides you with the flexible skills needed to respond effectively and efficiently."

Michael Redmond, CBE, U.S. Policy Economist, Medley Global Advisors

     “As someone whose career has advanced across diverse industries, I realize today's business environment demands a skill set that is adaptable and constantly evolving. The CBE program, courses, and network provide a framework for continuous learning in areas that are most valued by employers." 
"The Applied Econometrics course is a prime example of a well-thought-out course with top-tier instruction. Teachings from this course can be implemented immediately across industries, along with providing a strong foundation to sharpen the business economist’s skill set."

Matthew Saunders, CBE
Senior Vice President, Building Products Research, John Burns Research and Consulting 


“I was most interested in the CBE program because of the scale of applied skills t
aught through the courses. I have my doctorate in economics, but I valued that the CBE program was less focused on theory and more focused on the skills needed to do applied research. These are skills that can be used right away on the job to do useful and effective work.”

Luis Bernardo Torres, CBE
Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

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